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"I just don't have time to create differentiated lessons."

If you're like me, you've gone to conferences and workshops. You've bought books about differentiation. You've already heard lots of ideas. But you still haven't really implemented those ideas.  

Why? Because workshops, conferences, and books all have the same problem: they leave you with more work! Despite the time and money invested, you still have to actually create those lessons.  

But here's the thing.  

You're good at working with students, building relationships, creating a great environment, and actually teaching. That's why you became a teacher. That's what you should be able to focus on! 

Someone should differentiate those lessons for you so you can focus on your students.  

That's where Byrdseed.TV comes in.  

Byrdseed.TV is a library of video lessons, projects, and investigations that you can use directly with your gifted students.

"Directly" is the key. It means I've already done the work of not just designing the lessons, but also putting them into a format you can use with students. I've created the models, the scaffolds, and the supports. You don't have to spend time interpreting and implementing my lesson plans. You don't even need to read a lesson plan! It's all done for you. You can just use the lessons.  

And these resources are good! They're designed from the ground up for gifted kids, not bolted on at the last minute. They are complex, not merely difficult, they encourage students to think, not merely remember, and they lead to interesting new ideas, not the same right answer from every student.  

Byrdseed.TV's ultimate goal?

Resources that make students want to stay in from recess.

It's ambitious, yes. 

But let's not forget that: Learning Is Really Fun! Learning something new, when presented well, is more interesting than the same ol' recess games. When we're just about to understand something, we (even as adults) will put off eating, sleeping, and (yes) even using the restroom until we figure it out. When our curiosity is piqued, our brains demand satisfaction.  

That's what I'm aiming for with Byrdseed.TV. Engagement, interest, and curiosity so strong that kids will stay in from recess, show up at your door during lunch, or hang around after school asking those magical words, "Can we keep working on it?" 

Registration Opens On May 1st, 2019

Byrdseed.TV only opens for registration once a trimester, so be ready to sign up! The Spring Window opens on May 1st and will close on May 31st.


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What Teachers Are Saying

Thousands of teachers around the world use Byrdseed.TV with their students. Here's what they have to say:

"My students have responded positively to every lesson idea I've used from Mr. Byrd and his colleagues. It's my favorite go-to resource for gifted students."  

Melissa in North Carolina

"I love Byrdseed TV! I use it as a resource and inspiration source! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and knowledge. (Helped my students make our first green screen production just today!)"  

Kari in Texas

"I just subscribed to Byrdseed.TV and am loving it -- though it is kind of scary addictive in a binge-watching kind of way (that, by the way, is a compliment)."  

Elizabeth in Florida

"I absolutely LOVE all of the ideas on your site… I'm using Byrdseed TV to differentiate activities for my clustered students to work on when the rest of the class is doing something they’ve already mastered." 

 Wendy in Washington

"Love, love, love Byrdseed TV... I used many ideas and lessons this year. The kids loved the lessons and were engaged!

Tiffany in California

"Such innovative ideas and easy to implement. I’ve used a handful of your lessons to date. During each of those lessons, my students were engaged and excited about the topic.” 

Angela in Colorado

What Grades Is Byrdseed.TV Best For?

While many lessons and activities would benefit students of any age, I'm currently focused on building out resources for upper-elementary content. If you work with 3rd through 6th graders, you'll get the most benefit from Byrdseed.TV's current offerings. 

How Much Does Byrdseed.TV Cost?

For a single person, Byrdseed.TV costs $12.99 per month or get a hefty annual discount at $99. 

Discounted group pricing is offered for orders of five or more. Annual district licenses are also available. 

You can order with a PO or online via credit card. 

What Technology Does Byrdseed.TV Require?

Byrdseed.TV works with any internet-connected computer or tablet. As long as you can see the video on this page, you'll be able to access the resources.

It's A-Me

Hello! I'm Ian Byrd, and I create the resources here at Byrdseed.TV. Tens of thousands of teachers read my site every month, I've spoken at dozens of state conferences, I taught gifted students in southern California, and I even grew up in a gifted program myself. Nowadays I live in Portland, Oregon.

Email any questions to: info@Byrdseed.TV